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Digital Production BuZZ

Feb 26, 2015

Join Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Dan Saccheli, Event Manager, BVE

Daniel Saccheli is the Event Manager for BVE 2015 in London. This year’s show continues to set attendance records with more exhibitors than ever. Listen as Dan explains what it takes to stage a successful trade show and describes his plans for the future.

John Kelly, General Manager, JVC/Europe

JVC announced new cameras this week at BVE 2015 in London. John Kelly, General Manager for JVC in Europe, joins us to explain why JVC considers BVE worth exhibiting at and showcases their latest cameras.

Jeromy Young, CEO, Atomos

Atomos announced products and upgrades to their digital video recorders this week at BVE 2015. We interviewed Jeromy Young, co-founder and CEO for Atomos, in his booth at the show as he explains what’s new.

Nigel Wilkes, General Manager, Panasonic/Europe

How are traditional camera companies responding to new competition from computer companies like Blackmagic Design and AJA? We talked with Nigel Wilkes, Group Manager for Panasonic/Europe, about the success of their GH4 camera, a major new dramatic show using Varicams, and how Panasonic views the increased competition from new companies releasing professional cameras.

Jim Marks, DP/Director

When you are shooting commercials, the “look” is everything. And nothing is more important to the look than the lens you put in front of your camera. Jim Marks is a DP and director, specializing in high-end commercials. At BVE, we talked about Schneider Optics new lens for 4K media, how to pick the right lens for your project, and the differences between prime and zoom lenses.

Michael Accardi, President, CueScript

We stopped by the CueScript booth at BVE 2015 to talk with Michael Accardi, co-founder and president. Michael gave us a tour of the challenges to creating good prompters, when and how they should be used and some practical advice on how to add prompters to your next shoot.