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Digital Production BuZZ

Oct 28, 2011

Join Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Lydia Cornell, Actress

Lydia Cornell has it all – beauty, brains, talent, success and unbridled creativity! She won the People’s Choice Award for her role as Sarah Rush on ABC’s “Too Close for Comfort” in 1980 and has worked non-stop ever since. She is just about finished...

Oct 21, 2011

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton , as they talk with:

Jacob Rosenberg, Chief Technology Officer/Director, Bandito Brothers

Bandito Brothers is a recent arrival to the post-production scene in Los Angeles, but their work is turning heads. This week, we speak with company co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jacob...

Oct 14, 2011

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton, live, as they talk with:

Jerome Courshon, Producer, “The Secrets to Film Distribution”

Jerome Courshon (“God, Sex & Apple Pie,” “Life With Fiona”) knows the ‘game’ of distribution as a Producer in the trenches. From his film festival journeys to self-releasing his first...

Oct 7, 2011

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with:

Robin Hafitz, President, Open Mind Strategy

Robin Hafitz, president of Open Mind Strategy, founded Open Mind Strategy in 2010 to provide marketers with strategic insights that provide a foundation for brand building. We all know people are time-shifting, on-demanding,...