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Digital Production BuZZ

Jul 26, 2013

Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:.

Mike Scheibinger, Senior Product Manager, Sony Creative Software.

Mike Scheibinger is the product manager for the brand new Sound Forge Pro 11 and the amazing Spectral Layers Pro 2; both of which were released on Monday by Sony Creative Software. We don’t get much opportunity to talk about media software for the PC, so we invited Mike to stop by and tell us more..

Nicholas Pisarro, Jr., Founder, NP Associates LLC.

Nicholas Pisarro, Jr.,CEO of NP Associates, LLC, has developed complex software and hardware for over 40 years. He’s also been working with Final Cut since version 1. Recently, he created a new product for Final Cut Pro X, called “Backups for Final Cut Pro” that makes backups… easy! We talk with him this week about some recent updates and a survey about who’s actually using Final Cut Pro X and his software..

Andrew Kimery, Editor, "Looking for Lenny".

Andrew Kimery was the editor on “Looking for Lenny,” an in-depth, controversial documentary – six years in the making – explores the boundaries of free speech and free thought in the context of Lenny Bruce’s comic legacy. Director Elan Gale created an amazing film, but the real saga was in how the film was finally assembled for release – which Andrew tells us about this week..

CJ Bruce, Managing Director, New Antics.

CJ Bruce is a Founder and Managing Director of New Antics. Previously the CEO of Video Army, CJ has been providing video marketing and production services for brands from Jamba Juice to to smaller brands and local businesses for over five years. So, why is he on The Buzz? Because his company specializes in creating interactive videos for marketing. We want to learn more to see if there are ways the rest of us can make some money with this.