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Digital Production BuZZ

Dec 7, 2012

Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton this week as they talk with:

Dan Deluca, Founder, Contender Films

Dan Deluca is Founder of Contender Films. His latest endeavor is listed on Indiegogo where the production team is raising money for a sizzle reel. We want to learn whether funding films via crowd-sourcing actually works, what budget ranges are most effective, and how their fund-raising is going.

Hope Hall, White House Videographer

Filmmaker Hope Hall is the official videographer of the White House. We spoke with her at length after her keynote speech at the recent Government Video Expo 2012, and were struck by the balance she looks for when covering private meetings at the White House. As the official documentarian of the President of the United States, she literally can change history simply by turning on her camera. She has an amazing job and describes it in a fascinating way. You don’t want to miss this!

Jeff Mann, Founder/COO, RenderLife

RenderLife began only six months ago, and Jeff Mann is the founder. Based in Toronto, RenderLife sells assets for 3D projects. Whether you are looking for 3D shapes to put into Maya or Cinema 4D, something simple like a telephone, or complex like a Pentagon drone, RenderLife either has it, or can create it. Jeff joins us this week to describe how using their 3D elements can shave time and dollars off a tight production schedule.

Mark Spencer, Motion Graphic Artist, Day Street Productions

Mark Spencer, is a Bay-Area-based editor and motion graphics designer. He has been using, writing about, and teaching Motion since its introduction in 2004. He owns Day Street Productions, a production and post studio focused on corporate and industrial video. Recently, Mark has developed a series of plug-ins for Motion 5, the latest is called Optics. We want to talk with him about the process of developing plug-ins for this new platform.