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Digital Production BuZZ

Jan 20, 2012

Great New Interviews! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:!

Michael Cioni, CEO, Light Iron Digital!

Light Iron Digital has provided post production services for hundred’s of the top Hollywood productions. Michael Cioni, CEO, is in the middle of just about everything that goes on there. With the Sundance Film Festival around the corner and the Academy Awards looming, we thought it might be fun to bring Michael back to talk about their latest projects and how he thinks they will stack up against the competition. And, along the way, we’ll talk about the latest production techniques he sees in the industry.!

David Newman, Sr. Director, Software Engineering, GoPro!

GoPro just announced a new version of its 2D and 3D production software, the GoPro CineForm Studio (Premium and Professional). David Newman, GoPro’s Senior Director of Software Engineering joins us to explain what this new version means and give us an update on GoPro’s latest announcements at CES.!

Rory McKellar, Producer/Director, MindHeist!

UK-based Rory Kellar is a producer, director for MindHeist who works non-stop on both sides of the Atlantic. Staying creative and positive in what can be a very challenging business is the mark of a special individual. We invited him to provide us an update on the latest production techniques – and gossip – in the UK!!

Norman Hollyn, Editor & Professor, USC Film School!

Norman Hollyn is a regular contributor to The BuZZ. He is also an award-winning editor and a Professor at the USC Film School in Los Angeles. It’s a new year and we haven’t yet asked Norman what his plans are for his students at one of the country’s finest film schools. What hardware and software upgrades are planned and why? And how does changing technology affect creativity. Norman also co-hosts “2 Reel Guys” with Larry Jordan and we’ll try to get them to tell us what new episodes they are working on!