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Digital Production BuZZ

Jul 1, 2011

This week, we are looking at the impact of Final Cut Pro X on the developer community… and our future. Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton, as they talk with:

Andrew Little, President & Co-founder, Red Giant Software

Red Giant Software was one of three companies that had plugins ready for Final Cut Pro X at launch. This week, we talk with Andrew Little, president and co-founder of Red Giant, to learn about their new products, the challenges of working with Apple’s new plug-in architecture, and how effects work in FCP X.

GenArts was the second of three companies with plugins ready for Final Cut Pro X at launch. This week, we talk with todd Prives, senior business development and marketing manager for GenArts, to learn about their new Sapphire Edge plug-ins and who they are designed for.

Alex Grossman, president, Active Storage, Inc.

Active Storage is a high-end storage company focused on hardware solutions for media companies. This week, Alex Grossman spoke at the 2011 Creative Storage Conference and shared his thoughts for media storage in the future. However, before that, Alex was the product manager for XSAN, XServe, and other high-end products from Apple. With the release of FCP X, Apple has shifted from workgroup solutions to single-user editing. We want to learn what Alex thinks about the new release -wearing both his old and new hats – and where it fits for the future.

Billy Harrison, Product Manager, Promise Technology

When Apple launched Thunderbolt, earlier this year, one of the companies they featured was Promise Technology. This week, Promise announced Pegasus, their Thunderbolt-attached RAID. Since FCP X requires high-speed, locally-attached storage, this is the perfect time to talk with Billy Harrison, product manager for Promise Technology about this new gear.

Bruce Sharpe, Founder, Singular Software

When Final Cut Pro X was announced, one of the highlighted features was its ability to sync separate audio and video clips — something that PluralEyes from Singular Software has been doing for a while. This week, we talk with Singular Software founder, Bruce Sharpe, to see if this is the death of PluralEyes, or if there is something they can do that Final Cut Pro X can’t.

Patrick Inhofer, Colorist/Finisher/Owner, Fini.TV

With the release of FCP X, Color seems to be discontinued. However, the color tools inside Final Cut Pro X, while beefed up compared to FCP 7, are not as good as those in Color. This week, Patrick Inhofer, colorist, author, and owner of Fini.TV joins us to talk about whether Color is really dead and, if so, how we are going to make our projects look great without it.

Philip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent Design

FCP X extensively supports metadata, so its time to bring back our metadata expert – Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Intelligent Assistance – to explain what this means, why its good news, and how we work with it. We also want to ask him about the lack of XML support in Final Cut Pro X and what that means for people that want to get their media out of FCP and into another application.

Plus, we are working to squeeze in a couple more special folks – so consider them as last-minute surprises. This is gonna be an EXCITING show!!