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Digital Production BuZZ

Aug 13, 2010

Join host Larry Jordan, and co-host Michael Horton, as they talk with:

Eddie Schmidt, President of the Board of the International Documentary Association (IDA), follows our conversation from last week with Jack Lerner, professor of law at USC, about the recent win for filmmakers at the U.S. Copyright Office. Theoretically, we have Fair Use rights to just about anything on copy-protected DVDs. But, the real-world isn't that simple. Eddie joins us to discuss what are rights are, how we can use them, and what's still missing.

Ken Jones, producer of Calaveras Gold TV, creates programs for community television. This means shows on a budget, but it doesn't necessary mean shows that look cheap. Ken stops by to explain his production process.

Michael Towe, is the Founder of M2 Digital Post in San Diego. Founded to serve the needs of the corporate and commercial world in San Diego, Michael has found a new niche creating weekly podcasts targeted at the medical market. We take a break from the law to learn how he produces a web show a week, and what makes it successful.

Jessica Sitomer, president of The Greenlight Coach, helps production folks find work. We like people like Jessica, which is why we keep asking her back. This week, we want her advice on finding work when no one seems to want to hire. (Plan to take notes)

You can't find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It's another fascinating show - all the information you need now to know what's coming next