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Digital Production BuZZ

Dec 19, 2014

Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Julian Mack, Creative Content Producer, Nightjar

Felix Mack, Filmmaker, Nightjar

Los Angeles-base Nightjar, owned by brothers Felix and Julian Mack, has been creating innovative content for multimedia, video, animation and sound since 1999. Most recently they produced Hillary Duff’s music video for her hit single, “All About You,” and a mind-bending end-credit sequence for XBox One’s Sunset Overdrive. Tonight Julian takes us inside the company to explain how they work.

Benoit Fouchard, Chief Strategy Officer, ATEME

Being “on the scene” is “oh so 2014.” The new idea, once you’re on the scene is 360-degree coverage. Everthing everywhere. Tonight, Benoit Fouchard, Chief Strategy Office for ATEME, joins us to explain their new spherical capture device.

Michael Cioni, CEO, Light Iron

Kim Snyder, CEO & President, Panavision

One of the industry’s most respected companies, Panavision, just acquired Light Iron. Kim Snyder, CEO and President of Panavision and Michael Cioni, Founder and CEO of Light Iron give us the inside scoop and what it means for the post-producion industry.