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Digital Production BuZZ

Feb 28, 2014

Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Stuart Ashton, Director EMEA, Blackmagic Design

Stuart Ashton, Director for EMEA for Blackmagic Design, with a look at why Blackmagic is expanding into so many different product areas.

Anna Boyd-Smith, Tourism Officer, Hampshire County Council

Anna Boyd-Smith, Tourism Officer for the Hampshire County Council, on picking film locations. And why Hampshire County? Well, that’s where “Downton Abbey” is located.

Jim Keating, Sales Manager, Portaprompt

Jim Keating, Sales Manager for Portaprompt, talks about new iPad and iPad Mini prompting systems.

Bram Desmet, General Manager, Flanders Scientific

Bram Desmet, General Manager of Flanders Scientific, explains how to pick the best video monitor for your projects.

Ryan Kempley, Founder and Director, Coptercraft

Ryan Kempley, the Founder and Director of Coptercraft, joins us to share his thoughts on the current state of remote controlled aircraft for filming – and why they really aren’t considered drones.

William Fox, Director, Bluebox (UK distributor of Soloshot)

William Fox is the Director of Bluebox, the UK distributor for SoloShot. This is a wireless device that pans, tilts and zooms the camera as you move. Imagine how this can be useful in shooting extreme sports when you need closeups and there’s no one to run the camera.

Julian Chiverton, Sales Director, Doughty Engineering Limited

Julian Chiverton is the Sales Director for Doughty Engineering, which makes all kinds of rigging, which is the gear that attaches lights to just about anything.

Duncan Say, Founder, Camdec

Duncan Say is the founder of Camdec, a brand-new company that’s created a better way to attach and balance cameras to tripods and shoulder mounts

Joe Bull, Managing Director, JoeCo Limited

Joe Bull is the managing director for JoeCo, which makes multi-channel digital audio recorders. Not just four or eight channels, but from 22 up to 64 channels. Imagine what you can do with these for reality shows, live musical events, or a production with a gazillion actors!

Mark Chapman, Managing Director, Bristol VFX

Mark Chapman, the managing director for Bristol VFX, which manufactures portable and permanent green screen equipment and supplies.

BVE was an amazing opportunity to discover smaller companies that don’t often make the spotlight. And we have some great interviews to share with you tonight.