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Digital Production BuZZ

Sep 27, 2013

Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Kevin Louden, Enterprise Sales Engineer, Telestream

Codecs and streaming software sound boring. BUT, new software being developed by Telestream can make your live projects looks great, while using a fraction of the bandwidth. Kevin Louden, Enterprise Sales Engineer for Telestream joins us this week to explain what’s going on and how it affects you.

Kevin Kent, Writer-Producer,

Kevin Kent is the independent writer/producer who created “Life’s an Itch,” a comedy about a crisis. Recently, Kevin found a distributor for his movie and is about to start a new IndieGoGo campaign. We talk with him this week about how he found distribution and his plans to, finally, make some money from his movie.

Sean Mullen, CEO & Lead Creative, Rampant Design Tools

Rampant Design Tools creates high-quality, drag-drop-and-go visual effects that editors can integrate into their own projects. Earlier this week, they moved into new studios and released a flock of new products. CEO and Lead Creative Sean Mullen joins us to talk about their new facility and how they go about making money creating visual images for other artists to use.

Bruce Nazarian, CEO, Digital Media Consulting Group, Inc.

DV Expo 2013 is currently running at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Buzz Regular Contributor Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, toured the show and talked to the experts to get the inside story on cool new products you’ve never heard about. He shares his discoveries with us this week.