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Digital Production BuZZ

May 31, 2013

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton LIVE this week as they talk with:

Woody MacPhail, Producer, Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival and Luke Van Dyk, Head Engineer, Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Gone are the days of sending film reels to film festivals. Everything is now digital. But the media files are massive! Woody MacPhail is the Producer of the renowned Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival and World Tour and Luke van Dyk is the Head Engineer, Film & Media for the Banff Centre. The Festival makes extensive use of Signiant’s Media Shuttle for high-speed file transfers between producers and the festival. We want to learn more about how this whole process works.

Nicholas Pisarro, President, NP Associates, LLC

Making backups of your projects is supposed to be easy. But when media files are involved, suddenly, “easy” isn’t so simple. Nicholas Pisarro, president of NP Associates, developed “Backups,” new software that makes backing up Final Cut Pro X files easy again. Too good to be true? Tune in this week to learn more.

Bobbie O’Steen, Author and Film Editing Historian

Bobbie O’Steen is the driving force behind the “Inside The Cutting Room” event being held at Manhattan Editing Workshop in NYC on June 8th. She is also the author of two prestigious books on editors and editing: “The Invisible Cut – How Editors Make Movie Magic,” and “Cut to the Chase – 45 Years of Editing America’s Favorite Movies.” She joins us this week to talk about the craft of editing, what works, what doesn’t, and who does it best.

Jessica Sitomer, President, The Greenlight Coach

Recently on The BuZZ we discussed the “10 Worst” College Majors with Jessica Sitomer, President of The Greenlight Coach. During that conversation, Larry and Jessica started talking about the intense competition that exists for all media jobs. So, on this week’s BuZZ, we invited Jessica back to provide answers to how we can rise above the competition and land the job.