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Digital Production BuZZ

Feb 1, 2013

Join Larry Jordan this week as he talks with:

Dylan Higginbotham, Creator, Stupid Raisins

Ever want to know what it’s like to create plug-ins for video editors? Well, Stupid Raisins founder, Dylan Higginbotham designed some cool and easy to use transitions for FCP X, called “Block Pop.” We want to learn why he started his company, how he created the plug-ins, and what’s the reaction.

Dr. Philip Storey, CEO, XenData

The preferred method for archiving media is LTO, which is a tape-based archive system. Recently, the entire LTO industry upgraded to LTO-6. This week, we talk with Dr. Phil Storey, CEO of XenData, about this new format, what it offers media creators, and different options on archiving our media.

Terry Curren, Founder/President, Alpha Dogs, Inc.

Sean Stack, Finishing Editor, Alpha Dogs, Inc.

Terry Curren, President of Alpha Dogs, Inc., and Sean Stack, Finishing Editor at Alpha Dogs, have been busy. First, Terry is promoting a new video editor for the iPad called Touch Edit. Then, he got a last-minute call last month to handle post production on Google’s “Zeitgeist 2012 Year-In-Review.” Sean Stack stepped right up and did a great job, ultimately serving the video to over 13 million internet viewers. This week, we talk with Terry and Sean about both, and discover some tips to creating a really efficient post-production workflow.

Josh Apter, Founder/President, Manhattan Edit, Inc.

Ever had an idea for a new product and wished you had acted on it? Josh Apter, Founder and President of Manhattan Edit, put his money where his idea was and built a new product: the Padcaster. This is a frame made to hold an iPad for shooting video. This week, we talk with Josh about what it is, how it works, and why he did it!