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Digital Production BuZZ

Aug 19, 2011

Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Peter Hampden, Managing Director, Lipsync Post Production

Peter Hampden, managing director for Lipsync Post-production co-founded the company in the Soho district of London to provide high-end post services to feature films. However a few years ago, they had the insight to add film funding to their company’s list of services. Partly to help support the independent film industry and partly to help create business for their own post services, recently six of their films were accepted into the Toronto Film Festival. We talk with Peter this week about what they look for in funding a film, what producers can do to make their film more attractive to potential funders, and what budget ranges they fund. You’ll find this conversation fascinating!

Will Pisnieski, VP of Post-production, Authentic Entertainment

Will Pisnieski, vice-president of Authentic Entertainment, is responsible for creating dozens of hours of reality TV programming each week. Supervising 43 Final Cut Pro edit suites and gathering media from across the world is no easy task. Nor is creating a look for each show that makes it sparkle. We talk with Will about the challenges of editing a TV reality show, and their use of CoreMelt’s plugins to achieve a unique look.

Justin Evans, Director and co-Writer of “A Lonely Place for Dying”

His Cold-war spy thriller, “A Lonely Place for Dying“, recently beat out both “X-Men: First Class” and “Source Code” for Internet popularity. In early August, the teaser episode reached over one million downloads on BitTorrent. Justin Evans was the director and co-writer for the film, which was made on a $200,000 budget. Since then, it has gone on to earn more the 15 awards from 40 festival selections. We talk with him this week about his film, how he shot it, and what he did in marketing to make it so successful.

Michael Nikonov, CEO, iPiSoft

Michael Nikonov is CEO of iPiSoft and chief architect of iPiSoft’s breakthrough markerless motion capture technology. Introduced last year, iPi Soft Motion Capture is a scalable solution with a new workflow for filmmakers. Captured animations do not exhibit artifacts like jitter or foot skate and can be exported in popular animation formats. iPi Mocap is compatible with a wide variety of leading game engines and 3D software applications. We asked Michael to join us to explain his new technology and how we can put it to work.