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Digital Production BuZZ

Apr 26, 2013

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton LIVE this week as they talk with:

Rajesh Ramachandran, President/CTO, Qube Cinema

Recently, Qube Cinema collaborated with Canon to demo a 4K theater for digital intermediates during this year’s NAB Show. Rajesh Ramachandran, President and CTO of Qube Cinema joins us this week to explain the workflow and show how post houses can benefit from this new, higher resolution.

Sy Smensgard, Co-Founder/Director, OneCloud

OneCloudFest is a film festival that lives entirely on Facebook. Co-founded by Sy Smesgard and her husband, Jonas, they saw a need to combine the excitement of a film festival with the power of social media. This is either a “Really Good Idea,” or “Totally Demented.” Sy stops by this week to explain the idea behind the concept and let us know how its working.

Ron Hanks, Filmmaker, Golden California

Season 1 of Golden California is up and running and making us laugh. However, creating laughs is very hard work. Filmmaker Ron Hanks is the driving force behind these weekly webisodes, so we want to talk with him about creating comedy, what works and what doesn’t, and how he keeps it fresh from week to week.

Jonathan Handel, Entertainment Labor Editor, The Hollywood Reporter

SAG-AFTRA has confirmed about 60 layoffs in the wake of the recent national board approval of a union restructuring plan. Jonathan Handel, the Buzz’s legal and labor expert, explains the meaning behind the news, as well as their newly approval Commercials Contract, which increases payments significantly for commercial actors.