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Digital Production BuZZ

Apr 19, 2013

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton LIVE this week as they talk with:

Keith Stephenson, Founder, SkyDreams Technologies, Inc.

The studios we build today determine the dreams we create tomorrow. Keith Stephenson is the Founder of SkyDreams Technologies, Inc., which provides technical solutions to the production industry primarily for reality and stage television. Since facilities build-outs reflect what is happening in the industry, we thought it might be fun to get the current schematic!

Bill Roberts, Director, Product Management for Video and Audio Solutions, Adobe Systems, Inc.

Adobe Systems made major news just before the 2013 NAB Show with the reveal of their next generation of video products. At NAB, we talked with Bill Roberts, Director of Product Management for Adobe’s Video and Audio Solutions, to learn more about their latest products and get more details on the newly announced Adobe Anywhere.

Philip Macko, Senior Vice President of Sales, Megatrax

Megatrax is one of the most-established sources of production music in Hollywood. Recently, they’ve been growing in the US, Latin America, and Brazil. We want to know what they are doing, and how they are helping students get better involved with production music. Philip Macko, senior vice-president of sales brings us up to date on these questions, plus the latest trends in music.

David Peto, CEO, Aframe

Adobe Anywhere means that editorial teams can collaborate from anywhere, not just within the same facility. But the only way to do that is using “The Cloud,” an amorphous collection of servers located on the Internet. Which is exactly the business Aframe is in. At NAB, we talked with David Peto, CEO, Aframe about how Aframe truly enables what can be done using Adobe Anywhere and The Cloud.