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Digital Production BuZZ

Mar 22, 2013

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton this week as they talk with:

Eileen Kramer, Executive Director, Hollywood Post Alliance

Very few industries are as challenged as post-production facilities. Recent high-profile bankruptcies like Digital Domain and Rhythm & Hues put pressure on the rest of the industry. Eileen Kramer is the executive director of the Hollywood Post Alliance. HPA is a trade association for the post industry. She joins us this week to tell us about HPA, the stresses the post industry is under, how HPA can help, and their plans for NAB.

Jonathan Handel, Of Counsel at Troy/Gould, Entertainment Labor Reporter, The Hollywood Reporter

As if the stresses of running a post house was not enough, the VFX industry is close to implosion. Recently, more than 400 artists held a VFX Town Meeting, with participants from around the world discussing the state of their industry. Jonathan Handel, entertainment labor reporter for The Hollywood Reporter explains what’s going on and why the VFX industry is making news now.

Philip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent Assistance

It may start with an idea, but projects don’t become real until someone puts up the money to fund them. And finding funds isn’t funny. This week, Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Intelligent Assistance, looks at new options for funding television projects. Why television? Because it has a vast, insatiable demand for new programming. And the sources of funding are more diverse than you might expect, as Philip explains.

Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy

Three weeks ago, Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, began a discussion on new options in web video compression and distribution. He returns this week to pick up where he left off and showcase some of the low-cost content distribution networks (CDN) and on-line video compression services that can simplify the process of compressing your video and making it available across all platforms.