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Digital Production BuZZ

Mar 1, 2013

New interviews every show! Join Larry Jordan this week as he talks with:

Richard Symons, Filmmaker, Spirit Level Films

Spirit Level Films is an independent studio the handles both production and distribution. Recently, they spent two years working on a multi-part documentary series called “The Price of Kings.” The series features in-depth interviews with Presidents Yassir Arafat, Shimon Peres, along with other political leaders in the Mideast. We want to learn more about how they created this series on global leadership.

Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy

Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, joins us this week with a look at the rapidly changing world of digital video on the web. How has the shift away from Flash toward HTML/5 changed how movies are compressed and distributed. Can HTML/5 replace Flash? And what about this new-comer: H.265? If you want your movies to look great on the web, you need to listen to what Bruce has to say.

Nicholas Recagno, Online Stereographer, SGO

There are the stars, then the people behind the stars, then the technical people that support them. Nicholas Recagno, Technical Consultant for SGO, helps filmmakers work with Mistika, a high-end finishing tool that was used in The Hobbit, The Amazing Spiderman, and other films. What we find fascinating, though, is Nicholas’ understanding of the challenges in 4K, 5K, even 8K images, stereo 3D, and whether our computers can even edit this stuff. This will be a fascinating interview.

Deborah Calla, Chair, PGA Diversity Committee

Just a few days ago, the Producers Guild of America (PGA) opened online applications for their annual Diversity Workshop. Here, 10-12 lucky producers will be personally mentored in how to bring their projects to life. Deborah Calla, Chair of the PGA Diversity Committee, joins us to explain what the Workshop is, who can participate, and why it even exists.