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Digital Production BuZZ

Oct 25, 2012

Join Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Dan Rayburn, Executive VP,

he world is quickly shifting from distributing media on physical objects, to downloads and streaming over the web. Dan Rayburn, executive vice president of, and the head of Streaming Media West, coming to LA later this month, joins us to explain what streaming media is, how filmmakers can take advantage of it, and spots some of the trends we need to watch over the coming months.

Norman Hollyn, Professor, USC School of Cinematic Arts

Norman Hollyn is an experienced film editor, a professor at USC's School of Cinematic Arts... and a world-traveler, helping filmmakers around the globe improve their story-telling skills. Norman joins us this week to discuss why filmmakers are looking to the US for hints on creating great movies. Their focus isn't on technology, its on the craft of story-telling, as Norman explains.

Lynn Elliott, Product Manager, Telestream

The good news is that Telestream has a big announcement for us. The bad news is that they aren't making it until just before our show starts. So, you'll just have to wait until Lynn Elliott, product manager at Telestream, stops by to explain what all the excitement is about. (It's pretty cool, though.)

Michael Cowan, Founder/Executive Producer, Commotion Machine Media

reating successful advertising is hard enough for most businesses. But when you are a professional, like a lawyer, the rules and regulations of your industry can make advertising far harder. Michael Cowan, Executive Producer for Commotion Machine Media, specializes in helping professionals advertise; both legally and successfully. Recently, Michael has featured a series of blogs called: "Weapons of Influence," which he shares with us on this week's show.