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Digital Production BuZZ

Oct 19, 2012

Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Michael Earle, President, AIO TV

As the industry shifts from traditional distribution models – such as theatrical release, television broadcast, and DVD sales – filmmakers need to find new ways to make money on their projects. That’s where digital distribution comes in. New companies like AIO-TV are finding ways to connect films with an audience. AIO co-founder and president Michael Earle joins us today to explain what his company does and what filmmakers can do to find the money.

Tony Simmons, Actor

Tony Simmons is an actor that called California home for more than 20 years. Trained in both theater and film, Tony recently discovered that there are better opportunities for actors outside of LA. So he’s picked up and moved out. This week, we talk with him about what he sees as new options for actors outside of Hollywood.

Barry Snyder, President/Co-founder, MediaMine

Barry Snyder, president and co-founder of MediaMine, is a respected industry leader who specializes in taking legacy media collections and devising new ways to access, revitalize, and repurpose the content. In other words, he makes money on old stuff using new technology. There’s nothing better than making money on work you’ve already done – and Barry joins us this week to explain how it’s done.

Jonathan Handel, Entertainment Labor Correspondent, Hollywood Reporter

With productions leaving LA for other parts of the world, and producer’s strong preference for non-union labor, these are tough times for Hollywood’s Guilds and craft unions. One of the current flash points are reality and half-hour comedy shows. Currently, IATSE is picketing the production offices of reality show “Fashion Star.” Jonathan Handel, entertainment labor correspondent for the Hollywood Reporter and Buzz regular, joins us this week to explain the issues.