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Digital Production BuZZ

Aug 24, 2012

Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Mike Timm, Filmmaker, “A Girl, A Guy, a Space Helmet”

The last time we spoke with Mike Timm, the filmmaker behind “A Girl, A Guy, A Space Helmet,” was in March, just after he released his latest award-winning film. When we spoke with him then, he had won numerous awards, but hadn’t landed distribution. Now, he has. So, we follow-up with him this week to learn how he got his digital distribution deal, what the experience taught him, and how he came up with such a killer title!

Mark Schoneveld, Director of Community, PopTent

Mark Schoneveld is the Director of Community for PopTent, which is a community of filmmakers who are looking to connect with companies to produce advertising. From spec work to paying projects, this is a very cool way to show off your creative chops to companies that can afford to pay for them. We talk with Mark to learn more about how this works.

Ken Jones, Producer, Time Travel Movies

Ken Jones is the founder and producer of Time Travel Movies. He also has a passion for protecting the tropical forests and has taken that enthusiasm into his business. His successful podcast, “Calaveras Gold” is ongoing, but there is no moss growing under this man’s feet. We want to talk with him about how he combines growing a successful business with creativity.

Drew Henderson, Owner, Alzo Media LLC

Drew Henderson is the owner of Alzo Media, which provides video equipment kits for small production companies by manufacturing and selling direct to the end user. They are prepping some new DSLR hardware just in time for DV Expo next month in Pasadena and we want to get an early a sneak preview.