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Digital Production BuZZ

Aug 17, 2012

Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Kevin Good, Creator, Weapons of Mass Production (Bammo)

A new webisode series – called Weapons of Mass Production – just appeared on the YouTube channel Bammo. Created by Kevin Good, it takes a humorous look at production techniques. In this first episode, Kevin goes on a search to find the best green screen paint and, along the way, discusses how to create green screen keys that your audience will never spot. Never has green screen work been so funny!

Michele Yamazaki, Chief Pluginology, Toolfarm

Michele Yamazaki loves plug-ins, which is why we love having her join us on The Buzz. This week, she looks at new releases from Red Giant Software, ZBrush, Maxon, and others. If you are looking for the latest ways to add cool to your projects, listen in when Michele starts talking.

Tom Coughlin, President, Tom Coughlin & Associates

Recently, Tom Coughlin & Associates conducted a survey examining how the entertainment industry uses digital storage. Not surprisingly, he discovered that we devour it by the metric ton. However, there are a lot of very interesting findings in his report that make our conversation today really enlightening. Join us for a discussion about digital storage, trends, growth, and discovering what’s on the horizon.

Philip Hodgetts, President, Intelligent Assistance

Last week, we talked with Philip Hodgetts, president of Intelligent Assistance, about how they selected gear for a documentary production based on a a boat. In other words, small, light, and using limited power. This week, we return to that discussion, but looking at storage. Tom Coughlin shows us the trends. Philip Hodgetts explains how they apply in the real world.