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Digital Production BuZZ

Aug 10, 2012

Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Alexis Van Hurkman, Colorist, Twitch Post

At the same time that Blackmagic Design updated DaVinci Resolve to version 9, Alexis Van Hurkman, Founder of Twitch Post, released a set of video training tutorials covering the new software. This week, we talk with Alexis about the stream-lined interface, faster workflow, and new features in the update – all to help you decide if the upgrade is right for you.

Jonathan Handel, Of Counsel, TroyGould, Los Angeles

Jonathan Handel, Of Counsel at TroyGould, is a regular on The Buzz, helping us keep track of both legal and labor issues in the industry. (Jonathan is also the Labor Correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter.) This week, he has an update on what’s happening with the guilds in Hollywood.

Michael Kammes, Senior Applications Editor and Workflow Specialist, Keycode Media

With all the new product releases, its time for shoot-outs and comparisons. Michael Kammes, Senior Applications Editor and Workflow Specialist for Keycode Media, recently hosted a very lively gathering of Mac users who were eager to debate the fate of the beloved Mac Pro. We’ve invited Michael to come on the BuZZ to talk about hardware, software and future ware.

Philip Hodgetts, President, Intelligent Assistance

Producing on location has many challenges, but when you are in the middle of nowhere (or in this case, floating on a boat in the middle of the ocean) with little or no electricity, and not a lot of room for gear, how do you manage? Philip Hodgetts, president of Intelligent Assistance, is here to tell us what his challenges were, the gear he picked, and why he picked it.