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Digital Production BuZZ

Aug 3, 2012

Join Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Mark Castaldo, Producer, Destiny Pictures

Mark Castaldo is President and Producer at Destiny Pictures and an active member of the Screen Actors’ Guild. He knows independent distribution, is a solid story-teller and his recent documentary, “My Run,” won 10 awards at Festivals and was screened in 500 movie theaters nationwide. We want to talk with him about what it takes to be a successful independent filmmaker.

Bryce Button, Product Marketing Manager, AJA Video Systems

Last week, AJA Video Systems announced that their KONA cards fully supported the Sonnet Thunderbolt expansion chassis. So we invited Bryce Button, Product Marketing Manager for AJA Video Systems to join us to talk about this new technology does. However, as we were talking, we realized that there is a much bigger issue here – with the speed of Thunderbolt, are tower computers – like the MacPro – even necessary anymore? What happens if you can expand your computer with expansion cards that don’t need an expansion slot? Bryce joins us again this week for a fascinating look into the future.

David Strohmaier, Restoration Director, Cinerama Inc.

David Strohmaier has worked as an editor for many years. Now, though, he’s trying to save the movies of the past. As Restoration Director for Cinerama, he is restoring some classic films for a festival this fall at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. (Do you know 2012 is the 60th Anniversary of the widescreen?) Join us for a fascinating look back at film history in the making.

Dan May, President, Blackmagic Design / US

Last week, Blackmagic Design announced the acquisition of all the intellectual property of Cintel, the film scanning folks. This week, they released the latest version of DaVinci Resolve 9. And, within a couple of weeks, they will release their eagerly anticipated Digital Camera. Dan May, president of Blackmagic Design/US, gives us an update on all their latest news. Some cool, cool stuff.