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Digital Production BuZZ

Jan 13, 2012

Great New Interviews! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Boris Yamnitsky, Founder/CEO, Boris FX

Boris Yamnitsky, the founder and president of Boris FX which acquired Media100 a few years ago, brings effects and graphics tools to the video post-production and broadcast markets. We’ve wrenched him away from his incredibly busy schedule to talk about the new version of Boris Continuum 8 for After Effects.

David Ferri, Business Development Manager, Sisvel Technology

There’s 3D and then there’s 3D Tile Format, a new dimension in 3D digital television. What is it and why does it look so darn good and how does it coexist with 2D broadcast television in a home environment? Davide Ferri the Business Development Manager of Sisvel, an Italian-based technology company join us this week to tell us more.

Oliver Peters, CEO, Oliver Peters Post-Production Services, LLC

Oliver Peters,CEO of Oliver Peters Post Production Services, is based in Central Florida and has been in this business for over 35 years. He is an award-winning editor, colorist and post-production specialist with his own business. Recently, he wrote an article on new 4K image technology for Digital Video magazine. This week, we ask him about what 4K means, what cameras shoot it, and how to edit it. If truly high-definition is in your future, you need to hear this!

Simon Frostad, Chairman & Co-Founder, Bridge Technologies

Bridge Technologies was founded to bridge the gap between people who work with packets and those who work with pixels. They have developed a new monitoring service that seeks to improve image quality for media sent via cable or satellite while at the same time improving the speed and quality of customer service. Simen Frostad, Chairman and co-Founder joins us this week to explain what the news is all about. This is a technology you only hear about on The Buzz. Cool stuff.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else — on another fascinating show!