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Digital Production BuZZ

Jul 8, 2011

This week, we are looking at the results of the Final Cut Pro X announcement from Apple. Specifically, hundreds of editors say they are ready to switch to another program — but which one? Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Angus MacKay, Segment Marketing Manager, Avid Technology

With the release of Final Cut Pro X generating hostile reviews from professional editors, though many rave reviews from iMovie folks, Avid Technology announced the continuation of their cross-grade promotion, inviting Final Cut editors to switch to Avid. Angus MacKay, segment marketing manager for Avid, joins us this week to explain their new offer and discuss the potential challenges in switching.

Alan Edward Bell, Editor

Alan Edward Bell has edited more than a dozen feature films. His most recent project was “Water for Elephants,” and he’s currently working on the director’s cut of “The Amazing Spiderman” scheduled for release in 2012. Alan is a long-time Avid editor, but also familiar with Final Cut Pro, so we want to talk with him about the process of switching between the two programs. Then, we’ll chat about his workflow in cutting major motion pictures and how he keeps it all organized.

Jan Crittenden, Product Manager, Panasonic Broadcast.

Jan Crittenden is a long time, and very welcome, guest on The Buzz. All the high-end cameras that Panasonic makes fall under her jurisdiction. This week, she tells us about a new, lower-priced, shoulder-mounted, solid-state camcorder; an existing camera that’s winning awards, and the status of a required update for Final Cut Pro X to support Panasonic files.

Philip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent Assistance

This week, we are focusing on the issues of converting from Final Cut Pro to Avid. So, we invited one of our regular gurus, Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Intelligent Assistance, to discuss the differences between the two platforms. This week, Philip explains Avid Script Sync and Phrase Find.

Michael Kammes

As we wrap up this edition of The Buzz, we talk with Michael Kammes, Sr. Workflow Specialist for Keycode Media, about the principle considerations Final Cut editors need to keep in mind as they consider switching from Final Cut Pro to Avid Media Composer.