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Digital Production BuZZ

Jun 23, 2011

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with

Jean-Frederick Garcia, Publication Manager, The Location Guide

This week, we are “going on location,” and our first interview is with Jean-Frederic Garcia. He’s the publishing director of The Location Guide – a hard-copy book and associated website filled with locations – and location information – from around the world.

Gary Onyshko, President & CEO, Real to Reel Locations

Gary Onyshko, president and CEO of Real to Reel Locations, is a casting agent for buildings — special buildings. His clients hire him to put their locations in the movies. So, this week, continuing our theme of going on location, we talk with Gary about what his clients expect from a production company and what producers need to know about renting a location. If you’ve wanted to go on location, but were afraid it is too much hassle, listen to what Gary has to say!

Gregory D. Evans, Security Consultant, Evans & Ligatt

Gregory D. Evans, internet security consultant, was first on last month talking about the importance of keeping your computer systems safe. We had such favorable response to his comments that we invited him back this week to get specific about what we can to to protect ourselves. He’s got some great suggestions.

Brandon Smith, Product Manager, DigiEffects

It is a delight welcoming back Brandon Smith, product manager for DigiEffects to talk about a recent release from DigiEffects called “Camera Mapper.” This program turns 2D images – like photographs – into 3D objects that you can wrap textures around. Some amazing stuff – wait till you hear what Brandon has to say!

Larry Jordan, Host, Digital Production Buzz

Unless you have been living off the grid the last few days, you’ve heard that Apple released Final Cut Studio X this week. Larry Jordan, Host of the Digital Production Buzz, got an early look at the program, including the ability to work with a beta version hands-on. This week, he shares his opinions – both good and bad – about the new version of the program.