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Digital Production BuZZ

Jun 17, 2011

Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton, as they talk with:

Gesine Thomson, Principal, GT.

It is almost impossible to overstate the impact Gesine Thomson, principle at GT. She is an internationally recognized architect and speaker specializing in large scale community planning and sustainable commercial growth. Her architecture takes her world-wide, and she is currently the chief architect working on a sustainable community development the size of Manhattan. We spoke with her about the role media plays in her architecture, and how she keeps her creative team fresh and focused. Gesine rarely gives interviews, we are delighted she is talking with us!

Justin DeSheilds,Production Coordinator, National Geographic Television

The competition for working at National Geographic Television is intense. One of the new recruits is Justin DeSheilds, production coordinator, who joined the company about a year ago. Production coordinators are the folks on the production team that figure out how to make all the great ideas actually work. We speak with him this week to talk about the role of a production coordinator and how he fits into the bigger picture of production.

Bruce Nazarian, Music Producer and The Digital Guy

Our favorite music producer, Bruce Nazarian, returns with a look at what’s happening on the audio side of our industry. Bruce is a regular on the Buzz, and after you listen to him, you’ll understand why. This week, after a spate of recent trade shows, we want to take a closer look at the latest technology news from the music industry. It is always fun listening to Bruce’s opinions on what’s the latest, and greatest, gear.

Bruce Sharpe, CEO, Singular Software

Bruce Sharpe, CEO of Singular Software, just released a new version of PluralEyes – his utility for syncing double-system sound – for Edius this week. And, just in case you thought he was finding time to sleep, he also released a beta of a much faster version of PluralEyes for Final Cut Pro. We want to talk with Bruce this week about his new goodies and what he’s planning for the future.