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Digital Production BuZZ

Jul 29, 2016

Tonight on the Digital Production Buzz, we are back from our summer hiatus and looking at documentaries and workflow.

Peter Hamilton is a senior business development consultant who works with the unscripted media industry. Based in New York, he is the publisher of, and joins us tonight to talk about how NetFlix, Apple and Amazon are changing the rules for documentary producers.

Next, James DeRuvo, senior writer for DoddleNEWS, reports on the 2016 ComicCon that just finished in San Diego.

Next, Laura Blum, contributing writer for, shares her thoughts on the changing face of documentaries today.

Then, Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Lumberjack System, sets up a three-part discussion on workflow for documentary producers. Philip begins with how to prep a non-scripted project.

Next, Michael Kammes, Director of Technology and Marketing for Key Code Media, reflects on the increasing use of proxy media during post-production.

Finally, Sam Mestman, CEO of LumaForge, wraps up our workflow discussion with tips and techniques independent filmmakers can use to keep their projects organized and on track.

The Buzz Starts Now.