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Digital Production BuZZ

Jun 18, 2010

Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Miguel Jarquin-Moreland is a singer, dancer, and actor with credits on Broadway ("Rent") and television ("One Life To Live" and "The View"). We spend a lot of time talking to folks behind the camera. This time, we want to talk to someone in front of it. What are the secrets to his success? What can he teach us? And, what can we do behind the camera to help the performances of the people in front of it?

Tim Jones is the president and CTO of the TOLIS Group. Tim has been involved in backup and archival planning since 1982. We want to talk with him this week about the new LTO-5 tape standard and discuss what filmmakers can do to preserve their media and projects for the long-term.

Wayne Johnson is a media producer in New Zealand; specifically, at the University of Otago, in Dunedin. New Zealand was not considered a hotbed of film-making until Peter Jackson exploded on the scene with the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. So, we figured we better take a closer look. And Wayne, who is a long-time listener to The Buzz, was the perfect place to start.

Vin Crosbie is an adjunct professor at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He's also running a conference later this month on Monetizing Online Business (M.O.B.). Since more and more films are using on-line technology to increase audience and revenue, we want to talk with him about how filmmakers can improve their sales using the latest technology.

You can't find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It's another fascinating show - all the information you need now to know what's coming next!