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Digital Production BuZZ

Jul 23, 2010

Join host Larry Jordan, and co-host Michael Horton, as they talk with:

Barry Sandrew, founder and president of Legend 3D, is internationally recognized as a digital imaging expert and visual effects pioneer with more than 14 VFX patents and 23 years of feature film and TV accomplishments. Sandrew invented the first all-digital process for film colorization in 1986. He then evolved that process in 2001 at Legend 3D, where they convert 2D movies into 3D. Recently, his company helped in converting "Alice in Wonderland" into 3D.

Toni Pace is the senior visual effects producer at Legend 3D and assists in tracking all the elements that make 3D possible. This week, we talk with both of them about the process of converting 2D films into 3D, the fascinating relationship between colorizing a movie and converting it to 3D, and the implications of converting older films into this new 3D format.

Jared Picune, vp of sales and marketing for CalDigit, joins us to talk about storage. CalDigit is known for providing gear with blazingly fast speeds at relatively low cost. Jared joins us to explain their latest technology and what we need to know now to take advantage of it.

Jess Furman is a singer/songwriter/producer who stands out from the music crowd in a big way. She is one of the 375,000 members of ASCAP, and recently was singled out for an interview on NPR about music licensing, royalties, rights, etc... We spend a lot of time talking about video, this week we want to learn more about creating music, pitching songs, licensing music, and marketing your musical talents. Jess has some greeat opinions on all of this.

Ed Brando, product manager for Whites Interactive, knows production gear. In fact, with more the 14 years in the industry, he helps independent filmmakers get the gear they need. Now, however, he joins us to talk about a new trend - production specifically for the web. Smaller crews, less gear, and MUCH smaller budgets - yet with a strong need for high-quality production.

You can't find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It's another fascinating show - all the information you need now to know what's coming next!