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Digital Production BuZZ

Apr 18, 2010

NAB Show 08 - April 17

This is the eighth in our series of NAB Special Reports and wraps up our coverage of the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Today's show starts with Mark Fuccio, Senior Director of Products and Markets for Data Robotics, talking about their two newest RAID products; one of which is designed to make creating network storage as easy as connecting one cable.

Les Zellan is the CEO of Cooke Optics, makers of high-quality camera lenses. During our conversation we talk about the process of making a lens and the difference between zoom and prime lenses.

Rob Caldeira, Director of Product Line Management for G-Technology by Hitachi, discusses their latest line of hard disks. We also get into a discussion of the need for archiving media.

Lauren Darr, President of LOI International, runs a PR firm specializing in the broadcast industry. She is also the author of the Official International Media Outlook book. So, we talk with her about what the future of media looks like.

Lyndon Faulkner is CEO of Pelican, a maker of both shipping cases and lights. We talk about the history of this strange combination as well as what some of their latest products are.

Matt Danilowicz, President and Managing Director of Clear-com, discussed their recent sale to HME, as well as their new intercom products announced at NAB.

Finally, we wrap up with a fascinating tribute to some of the people behind the scenes that make a large trade show possible - the electricians, caterers, decorators, and everyone else that makes massive trade shows possible.

While the Producer for our NAB coverage is Cirina Catania.