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Digital Production BuZZ

Jan 23, 2015

Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Jon Chappell, CEO, Digital Rebellion

Digital Rebellion has designed a cloud-based system of video review and collaboration called: Kollaborate. This week, Jon Chappell, CEO, joins us to explain what the system is and how it works.

Ken Choy, Journalist/TV Writer, GizmoPorn

Ken Choy is an avowed gearhead, and writer for He shares his thoughts on CES with us this week.

Jonathan Handel, Entertainment/Technology Attorney & Labor Reporter, TroyGould and The Hollywood Reporter

Jonathan Handel is the entertainment labor reporter for the Hollywood Reporter. This week, he brings us up to date on a variety of labor issues in Hollywood.

Kevin Gilbert, Photojournalist, Memory Evangelist, Mylio LLC

If you shoot stills, chances are you have them spread all over the place: on Facebook, your phone, your computer, USB sticks… everywhere. Mylio helps find, organize and protect those assets and memories. Photographer Kevin Gilbert stops by to tell us more about it.