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Digital Production BuZZ

Mar 28, 2014

Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Andrew Kowalchuk, Technical Supervisor, Banger Films, Inc.

One of the challenges of working with older footage is getting it to look great. “Super Duper Alice Cooper,” a documentary from Banger Films used Teranex extensively to convert old film and video tape into digital files. Andrew Kowalchuk, Technical Supervisor for Banger Films, Inc. explains what they did.

Julie Janata, Producer, Director, Editor

Julie Janata is an Emmy-winning producer, director and writer with two films premiering at festivals in the same month. We talk with her this week on how she got her films entered and accepted.

Devan Cress, Director of Sales, Marshall Electronics

Devan Cress is the Director of Sales at Marshall Electronics. He has been in the industry for 15 years. Tonight, we discuss new products from Marshall as well as what to keep in mind when picking a video monitor.

Brandon Reza Parvini, Founder / Creative Director, Ghost Town Media

Brandon Reza Parvini is the founder and lead creative director of Ghost Town Media, creating amazing work in narrative film, branding, broadcast and live visuals, many of which use Cinema 4D. Tonight, we take a look at creating visual effects in a 3D world.