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Digital Production BuZZ

Jan 17, 2014

Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Ryan Neil Postas, Filmmaker, Elevated Minds Entertainment

Ryan Neil Postas had the luxury of working with more than one camera on his latest shoot. Um, more than five cameras, in fact. Actually, more than 10. Sigh… OK, he used 20 cameras for his latest production. Find out why, and how, and what happened,

Leon Silverman, President/Co-Founder, Hollywood Post Alliance

Jerry Pierce, Vice President, Hollywood Post Alliance

20 years ago, the Hollywood Post Alliance began. This year’s event addresses the major issues facing post production executives, as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary. What is the Hollywood Post Alliance and why should we care about it? Join Leon Silverman, president and co-founder, and Jerry Pierce, Vice President, of the Hollywood Post Alliance, to learn more about the HPA tech retreat and the Hollywood Post Alliance.

Noel Cordero, Partner & Creative Director, The Timelapse Group

It took 12 hours and over 18,000 stills to capture this timelapse video of Times Square at New Year 2014. Noel Cordero, Creative Director of The Timelapse Group takes us behind the scenes to explain how they created this very cool movie.

Dom Bourne, CEO, Take 1 Transcription

When your memory is not enough to keep track of your projects, transcripts can step in and fill the blanks. But, should you use automated transcription or real people typing? Are transcriptions affordable? And are they accurate? We’ll learn the answers to these and other questions from Dom Bourne, CEO of Take 1 Transcription on this week’s show.