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Digital Production BuZZ

Nov 27, 2013

Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Michael Coleman, Sr. Product Mgr, Collaborative Workflows, Professional Video, Adobe

Recently, Adobe released “Adobe Anywhere,” their new collaborative software for sharing media between geographically dispersed teams. This week, Adobe’s Senior Product Manager, Michael Coleman, stops by to explain what Adobe Anywhere is, who it’s for, and how it works.

Jonathan Handel, Entertainment Attorney, Troy Gould

The DGA and AMPTP recently announced a new, groundbreaking collective bargaining agreement under the guidance of DGA President Paris Barclay. Jonathan Handel, entertainment and technology attorney Of Counsel with Troy/Gould and a Buzz regular, joins us this week to explain the significance.

Marrsha Sill, Executive Vice President, Chicago Music Library

Music drives the emotions. But finding the right music can be tricky. Marrsha Sill, Executive Vice-President of Chicago Music has been placing music in film and television for 20 years. She joins us this week to explain how to find the most elusive creative elements for your productions.

Marty Lafferty, CEO, DCIA (Distributed Computing Industry Association)

Marty Lafferty, the CEO of DCIA (Distributed Computing Industry Association) has organized two days of educational sessions at this year’s Pro Media Conference, which is part of GV Expo. This week, he explains his organization’s interest in The Cloud, what it means to government services, and what they are offering at the conference.