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Digital Production BuZZ

Oct 25, 2013

Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Greg Crosby, Product Line Manager, G-Technology/HGST

G-Technology is at PhotoPlus in New York this week. Greg Crosby, product line manager for G-Technology, takes time from the trade show floor to talk about their newest storage products.

John Malec, CEO, Visible Spectrum, Inc.

Visible Spectrum, Inc., is a new company that has found a way to automate and simplify creating custom video ads. All advertising is becoming increasingly local, so, as CEO John Malec explains, their system is designed to provide a fast easy way to create hyper-local ads – by the hundreds.

Bryce Button, Product Marketing Manager, AJA Video Systems

Bryce Button is the product marketing manager for AJA Video Systems. He stops by this week to explore the challenges in working with high-resolution video and showcase some of AJA’s latest products that can help in the editorial process.

Michael Bird, Owner & Co-Founder, TenEighty Media

Michael Bird is the owner and co-founder, along with David Cleaves, of TenEightyMedia. They wanted to create a resource dedicated solely to supporting corporate staging and broadcast specializing in a high-end HD. The latest Sony Cameras are helping them do just that and we want to learn what gear they are using, how they are using it, and why they picked it.