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Digital Production BuZZ

Jan 25, 2013

Join Larry Jordan and Cirina Catania this week as they talk with:

Durin Gleaves, Product Owner, Adobe Professional Audio

Adobe Audition CS6 is winning accolades for its speed, power, and ease-of-use as a professional audio editing system. Durin Gleaves, Product Owner for Adobe Professional Audio, joins us in the studio to tell us more about the current version of Audition and give us a sense of what we can expect for professional audio in the future.

John-Paul (J-P) Smith,CEO, Imagineer Systems, Inc.

Last week, the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences announced that Imagineer Systems had won a Scientific and Technical Award for mocha and its Planar Tracking technology. In other words, mocha won an Oscar! (This was one of only nine technical awards given this year!) This week, we talk with J-P Smith, CEO, about the award and what it means.

Ross Shain, Chief Marketing Offices, Imagineer Systems, Inc.

As a follow-up to our segment with J-P Smith, we talk with Ross Shain, the chief marketing officer for Imagineer Systems, in more depth about what mocha is, who can use it, and what we can expect in the latest version. If you ever want to do motion tracking, you need to listen to this segment.

Randy Chan, Product Marketing Manager, Promise Technology

We’ve been talking a lot about storage recently, and probably the reigning speed champ for Thunderbolt systems is the Pegasus family of RAIDs from Promise Technology. This week, we talk with Randy Chan, product marketing manager, about speed, more speed, and still more speed in storage.