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Digital Production BuZZ

Sep 28, 2012

Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Anthony Nalli, Executive Producer, The Aviators

The Aviators is a PBS reality / science show that follows the adventures of a group of pilots and aviation experts. Viewership of this program is skyrocketing and now boasts almost 10 million people per week in the U.S. and about 30 million internationally. We talk with Executive Producer, Anthony Nalli about how he created the show.

Jonathan L, Radio Producer and Host

Jonathan L is an American-born radio deejay, programmer and publisher who currently broadcasts via the internet from Berlin. His show, “The Lopsided World of L,” features independent alternative bands and is heard around the world. We caught up to him on one of his rare visits to Los Angeles and it is good to have him back.

Bjoern Adamski, Product Marketing Manager, Flip4Mac, Telestream

Earlier this week, Telestream released the latest version of Flip4Mac, the long-time workhorse for supporting Windows Media files on the Mac. This week, we talk with Bjoern Adamski, product marketing manager for Telestream, about what’s in the new version, along with the brand-new Flip Player. Both of these can make a media producer’s life a lot easier – join us as Bjoern explains.

Terry Curren, Founder/President, Alpha Dogs Inc.

Many independent producers are not given the luxury of owning expensive video decks and equipment. Working with limited budgets and small production and post-production teams makes completing projects even more challenging. AlphaDogs Digital Service Station is an interesting solution and Terry Curren, Founder and President join us this week to tell us more.