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Digital Production BuZZ

Sep 21, 2012

Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Eric Trabb, VP & Group Publisher, NewBay Media

NewBay Media is the driving force behind Digital Video Expo, held this week in Pasadena, California. We talk with Eric Trabb, VP and Group Publisher for NewBay Media about why they feel trade shows are important, the relationship between trade shows and print magazines and what he sees as the future of our industry for the next couple of years.

Jan Crittenden-Livingston, Product Line Business Manager, Panasonic

Panasonic is showcasing its latest video cameras, but there’s a larger issue here: with so many cameras on the market, and with each camera becoming obsolete almost immediately, how do filmmakers decide which camera to buy? Jan Crittenden-Livingston, Product Line Business Manager for Panasonic Solutions Company, joins us for an extended discussion of which camera is the right camera.

Jody Eldred, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Jody Eldred Productions

Continuing our discussion about picking the right camera, we talked with Jody Eldred just after he finished a premiere of the latest camera from Sony, the PVW-200. We talk about the the camera, but, more importantly, we talk about the challenges Jody has as a cinematographer of determining what’s the right camera for the job. When is the best answer to rent, rather than to buy? Jody has some very interesting opinions about this.

Doug Mullin, Western Regional Sales Engineer, JVC

It’s been a while since JVC was on The Buzz. We caught up with them at DV Expo and talked with Doug Mullin, Western Regional Sales Engineer for JVC, about their latest cameras. Did you know JVC now has WiFi to beam images from the camera directly to your hard disk? Some very cool cameras at a very attractive price, as you learn when you listen to Doug.

Mario Di Leo and Alessandro Di Leo, Cinematographers, The Ready Rig

As cameras get smaller and move off the shoulder, they also get harder to hold and to shoot. The Ready Rig is a very clever contraption invented by Mario Di Leo, cinematographer for shows like Battlestar Galactica, Hardcastle and McCormick, Murder She Wrote and dozens of others. This shoulder-based rig works with small and medium cameras to provide a solid shooting platform, with a wide range of shooting angles from low to high, left to right, even upside down! In this interview, Mario Di Leo and his son, Alessandro Di Leo, explain the benefits of this new system.

Bruce Master, Senior Program Manager for Tape Storage at IBM, and Paivi Juvonen from Quantum.

Archiving is another essential element of post-production and the current favorite archiving technology is LTO-5. We talk with two members of Ultrium, the LTO consortium: Bruce Master, Senior Program Manager for Tape Storage at IBM, and Paivi Juvonen from Quantum. Our conversation starts with the current state of LTO-5, then moves into a discussion of the upcoming LTO-6.