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Digital Production BuZZ

Mar 2, 2012

Great New Interviews! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Jeff Foster, Author/Producer

Jeff Foster is an internationally published author of several computer technology, animation, video production, and VFX books. He is an award-winning producer and compositor/VFX artist and is a nationally recognized speaker on this industry. What caught our attention is that he is working on creating a History of Compositing – which sounds very cool and we want to learn more.

Jonathan Handel, Attorney, TroyGould, and contributing editor, The Hollywood Reporter

Jonathan Handel is an entertainment and technology attorney Of Counsel at TroyGould in Los Angeles. He also writes on entertainment labor issues for The Hollywood Reporter. Plus, he regularly reports on labor and legal issues here on the Buzz. This week, we want to talk with him about the latest news on the SAG/AFTRA union merger.

Siggy Ferstl, Director of Telecine, Company 3

Based at Company 3 in Los Angeles, Australian award-winning colorist Siggy Ferstl has nearly 30 years experience and is internationally-recognized as one of the pioneers in feature-film digital intermediate workflow. His credits include the Underworld series of films in 2D and 3D, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 2D and 3D; Lincoln Lawyer and This Means War. Some of Ferstl’s commercial credits include Nike, Microsoft – Halo, Blackberry, Call of Duty – MW3 and Chrysler. We want to talk with him about color grading, the DaVinci Resolve, and the whole process of making images look great.

Norman Hollyn Editor and Professor, USC Film School

Norman Hollyn is a long-time film, television and music editor, plus he’s an Associate Professor and Head of the Editing Track at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Norman and Larry also co-host the popular website called: “Two Reel Guys.” He joins us this week to talk about how to collaborate successfully with folks around the world.

Mike Timm, Filmmaker

Mike Timm, is an independent filmmaker who is starting to make waves with his first picture: A Guy, A Girl, and a Space Helmet. Too cool. We want to learn more.