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Digital Production BuZZ

Feb 10, 2012

Great New Interviews! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Cirina Catania, Filmmaker and Producer, Digital Production Buzz

Cirina Catania, Producer, Digital Production Buzz, joins us from Berlin, Germany, where the Berlinale Film Festival starts today. This is her second time at this massive event and we look forward to her report on what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s getting attention.

Debra Kaufman, Associate Editor, Creative Cow

Debra Kaufman is one of our industry’s most respected technology journalists. She recently moved into a new position as Associate Editor at Creative Cow and continues to build a very impressive body of work for other publications such as Daily Variety. We’re delighted to be able to share some time with her on the BuZZ.

Ross Kanarek, Sales Manager, Switronix, Inc.

Ross Kanarek, Sales Manager for Switronix, Inc., specializes in merging their company’s products into applications as diverse as microwave transmitions or the toy industry! Switronix’s recently developed Recon Wireless Transmission System works well with uncompressed HD video. Ross joins us to explain more about this wireless video technology.

Adrian Belic and Roko Belic, Filmmakers

Filmmakers Adrian Belic and his brother, Roko Belic, are a welcome and familiar sight in the independent film world. We’ve invited them on the BuZZ to get their reactions to this year’s Sundance Film Fest and give us an update on their latest feature documentary, “Happy.”

Jessica Sitomer, President, The Greenlight Coach

Jessica Sitomer is CEO at The Greenlight Coach and a frequent contributor to The BuZZ. She often works with international clients and we are curious about the cultural challenges involved when pitching ourselves for gigs in foreign territory.

Chris Potter, Co-Founder, Screenlight

Chris Potter is a co-founder of ScreenLight, a growing provider of a private video sharing and collaboration application for production companies, advertising agencies, and editors. ScreenLight makes it easy to securely review videos with clients, capture feedback, and get videos approved. As we become more and more involved in long-distance production management, these kinds of services can be very valuable. This week, we find out more about how ScreenLight works.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else — on another fascinating show!

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