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Digital Production BuZZ

Nov 24, 2011

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton , as they talk with:

Alicia Hirsch, Senior Vice-president for Post-production, Fox Television Studios

Alicia Hirsch, Senior Vice-president, Post Production, at Fox Television Studios, oversees more than 20 one-hour dramas, pilots and reality talk shows delivered to a variety of cable networks. Some of her shows include “The Killing,” “Burn Notice,” “White Collar,” and “The Shield.” Alicia takes us behind the scenes to explain how all these shows get edited and delivered in time to meet their weekly deadlines. And wait till you hear her description of all the video formats she needs to work with!

Lynn Elliott, Screenflow Product Specialist, Telestream

Lynn Elliott is the Screenflow Product Specialist for Telestream. She has more than 20 years marketing experience and currently manages the marketing for ScreenFlow, an award-winning screen capturing software. Telestream says that ScreenFlow helps video producers create professional-looking videos, demos and tutorials, even if they have no previous experience. This week, we talk with Lynn to see if she can back up those claims.

Dennis Butts, Founder, Military Comm Networks

Dennis Butts, Founder of Military Comm Networks, Inc. will deliver a keynote speach at the upcoming Government Video Expo entitled, “Blending Video Conferencing with Broadcast.” Dennis is integrating multi-user interactive video conferencing with on-line video programming to create the feeling of watching TV programs with friends and family, even if you are separated by thousands of miles. He launched this to support far-flung military families and the results are amazing! (The Digital Production Buzz is the official podcast of Goverment Video Expo.)

Mike Flanagan, Founder and CEO, Video Symphony

Mike Flanagan is the president of Video Symphony, a professional post-production training school in Burbank, California. He’s been deeply involved with training and finding jobs for his students for many years. His book “Hollywood Jobs” provides guidance for job seekers who want to find work fast. This week, we talk with Mike about the options students have who want to enter the post-production industry