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Digital Production BuZZ

Oct 21, 2011

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton , as they talk with:

Jacob Rosenberg, Chief Technology Officer/Director, Bandito Brothers

Bandito Brothers is a recent arrival to the post-production scene in Los Angeles, but their work is turning heads. This week, we speak with company co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jacob Rosenberg about what it takes to run a successful full-service production company, the kinds of people he likes to hire, and a look at the future of post-production. This is a fascinating interview!

Robert Sharp, President, DigiEffects

DigiEffects is making big news this week. We talk with DigiEffects President, Robert Sharp, about their latest news – we’d tell you now, but, then, well, you know the drill. Cool news, though!

Kim Henderson Sales Engineer, NewTek

NewTek is a staple in live production – especially when budgets don’t allow working with remote trucks and lots of gear. Recently, NewTek announced the new Tricaster 450 and 450 Extreme. We asked Kim Henderson, Sales Engineer for NewTek to get specific about the specs of the new products – and show us some ideas of where it can be used and new outboard gear that makes using it easier than ever.

Woody Woodhall, President, Allied Post

Woody Woodhall is a professional audio engineer and the head of Allied Post, an audio post facility in Los Angeles. He’s also the head of the LA Post Production User Group (LAPPG). We spoke with Woody recently about the challenges of recording location sound – not the actors, that’s easy, it’s all the sounds around the actors that you need to add audio believability to your projects.

Jessica Sitomer, President, The Greenlight Coach

Jessica Sitomer. President, The Greenlight Coach, is back! Our favorite “gonna-find-you-a-job” coach returns – this time, with ideas on what to put on your resume that will help you find work. Even better, she has great advice on what to leave off. You aren’t writing a novel, here. You are crafting a marketing document to get you work. Listen to her interview and discover ways you can make your resume more powerful and productive.