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Digital Production BuZZ

Oct 7, 2011

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with:

Robin Hafitz, President, Open Mind Strategy

Robin Hafitz, president of Open Mind Strategy, founded Open Mind Strategy in 2010 to provide marketers with strategic insights that provide a foundation for brand building. We all know people are time-shifting, on-demanding, and streaming more than ever. They seem to feel that watching what they want to watch when and where they want to watch it is a God-given right. This intensifying desire for immediate media gratification is something filmmakers can leverage. They should try, like Coca Cola, to be “within arm’s reach of desire.” We asked her to put on her strategic hat for filmmakers and help us figure out how to take advantage of these new trends.

Todd Prives, Program Manager, GenArts

This week, GenArts released Sapphire 6, a newly integrated version of its flagship plug-in suite for After Effects, Autodesk and Avid editing and compositing systems. For the first time, the suite includes a lens flare editor, 1,100+ presets and a preset browser to let you preview looks as you work. We talk with Todd Prives to learn what all the excitement is about.

Steve Kownacki, Executive Producer, Final Focus Productions

Steve Kownacki, Executive Producer of Final Focus Productions, is a very busy production executive at this Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania production house. Steve’s a guy who’s worn many hats over the years including audio engineer, location sound, camera op, director, producer, marketer, and LOVES them all. A small business owner for the last 20 years and a guy who’s seen a lot of gear since 2″ quad in the 80s!

Rodney Mitchell, Founder, Washington, DC, Final Cut Pro User Group

When you think Final Cut in the mid-Atlantic states, the name Rodney Mitchell comes first to mind. President of the DC Final Cut Pro Users Group, we wanted to talk to Rodney to get a sense of what user groups are doing with all the controversy surrounding the release of Final Cut Pro X.

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