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Digital Production BuZZ

Sep 23, 2011

Digital Video Expo 2011 provides the chance to ”Be Inspired!” And The Digital Production BuZZ takes you right to the heart of the action with interviews and inside insight from the leaders in our industry as the Official Podcast of Digital Video Expo 2011!

Digital Video Expo, at the Pasadena, California, Convention Center, September 20 to 22, brings content creation professionals together with all the latest technologies. This is a chance to connect with others in the field with networking, events, and more in-depth training than ever before.

Eric Trabb, Vice President Sales & Group Publisher, NewBay Media L.L.C.

Eric is responsible for all the NewBay print publications, trade shows, like Digital Video Expo, and on-line properties. These include titles like DV, Videography, and Millimeter magazines, 2-pop and Creative Planet websites, and both DV and GV Expos, We are delighted to welcome him to the show. Almost all of us depend upon NewBay for coverage of the industry and we want to get Eric’s take on where it is headed and what NewBay Media is doing to respond to it — you’ll be surprised at his answers.

Jan Crittenden Livingston, Product Manager, Panasonic

Jan is responsible for all of Panasonic’s professional cameras. She joins us today to talk about the premiere of several of their latest cameras, as well a explains what criteria filmmakers can use in deciding which camera is best for their project.

Cristina Clapp, Editorial Director, NewBay Media L.L.C.

Cristina is responsible for the entire video group at NewBay Media. This includes DV, Videography, and Millimeter magazines,, and the conference track here at DV Expo. We talk with Christina about her goals for the conference here at Digital Video Expo, PLUS, she gives us an exclusive announcement concerning DV magazine. A great interview!

Robert Brambila, Director of Technology, leads the technology team at Promax

Since the rebirth of the company a couple of years ago, Promax has been releasing new products for the video market on a regular basis. This week, we talk with Rob about how they balance their role as a reseller with that of developer, where technology is headed, and what storage trends we need to pay attention to.

Brian Dickman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Smartsound

Brian is a long-time friend of The Buzz. Recently, Smartsound introduced QuickTracks, an Internet-based system of music creation, editing, and manipulation. Brian joins us to explain how QuickTracks works, where the Smartsound library comes from, and ideas producers can use to find the best music for their projects.

Patrick Sculley, CEO of Pixelflow

Patrick offers a system of “Production in the Cloud.” We talked with him last year at Digital Video Expo and wanted to followup with him this year to learn what’s new. What we discovered is they have a six-step system to enable filmmakers around the world to collaborate on a single project. Tune in this week to learn more.

Mathew Rehrer, Product Manager for Harmonic

Mathew was a speaker at the Digital Video Expo Conference, talking about how to plan your storage needs for performance and capacity. We pulled him out of the speaker’s lounge long enough to get him to give us a summary of his presentation.