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Digital Production BuZZ

Mar 4, 2011

Join host Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Kristin Petrovich-Kennedy, President, Createasphere

Kristin Petrovich-Kennedy is the founder and President of Createasphere, the entertainment technology industry conference and trade show, which attracts over 15,000 attendees each year. In 2001, Kristin founded HD Expo, then morphed it into Createasphere. This year’s show runs March 2 & 3 at Universal City, in Los Angeles. We want to get her assesment of the latest technology trends in our industry — and seeing as technology is the focus of her show, we figured that no one has a better handle on the answers than she does. You’ll be fascinated by what she has to say.

Benjamin Carlu, Founder and CEO, StereoBank

Benjamin Carlu founded StereoBank in February, 2011. According to their website, it “has quickly become the fastest growing stereoscopic 3D stock footage website,” offering lifestyle, sports, business, cityscapes, and time-lapse 3D clips. This week, we chat with Benjamin to find out why he started the company and whether there’s enough of a market for 3D stock footage that the rest of us should get interested.

Sydney Levine, International Film Distribution expert

Sydney Levine focuses on international film industry developments and analysis of the international film market related to buyers, sales agents, filmmakers, film festivals and distribution. She writes a well-respected blog at: SydneysBuzz. She just returned from a trip to the Berlinale in Germany – and was delighted to see that films were selling again. We want to learn more about how to make money for our projects in the international market. Be sure to hear what she has to say.

Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy

Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, is getting back to his first love – music. Recently, he’s been almost exclusively focused on concert promotion, artist management, and launching a new musical CD. So, we figured this is the perfect time to talk about what video producers need to know about creating a music video. Not production, but planning: How to pitch a concept to the artist or their management, how to do pre-production so that the artist feels part of the processs, and what traps to avoid that will mess up an otherwise great shoot. We are really looking forward to what Bruce has to say.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show. It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!