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Digital Production BuZZ

Nov 12, 2010

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio program covering Digital Production, Post-Production and Distribution is filled with great information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.

Join host Larry Jordan, and co-host Michael Horton, as they talk with:

Howie Schwartz, CEO, HSR|NY
Howie Schwartz founded Howard Schwartz Recording, HSR|NY in 1975. Since then, he’s taken his company from a one-room post-production “jingle factory” to a virtual empire of audio recording and post-production studios spanning over 20,000 square feet in New York City. With some of the most visible clients in the world today, he must be doing something right and we want to find out what - plus, it is always fun to hear stories about those “good old days.”

Moments before we began our live show, IATSE, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, announced that it was striking the reality TV program: The Biggest Loser. We tracked down Jonathan Handel, entertainment labor correspondent for the Hollywood Reporter, to give us insight on what this strike means and whether it applies to the the larger world of reality television.

Todd Weaver, CEO, ivi.TV
A few weeks ago - just after their launch - we invited Todd Weaver, CEO of iviTV on the BuZZ to talk about their service and the firestorm their launch created. Media companies were claiming copyright infringement, and worse. Since is still generating some very hot BuZZ, we thought he could update us on the latest as they bring broadcast television to the Internet.

Jacob Mosler, Line Producer, Film Budget Pro
So, you’ve got a script, that's ready to produce. This means you need to get financing or a distributor or a star attached. Next step...a budget. If you are like many of us, you are now stumped. Jacob Mosler, Line Producer with Film Budget Pro will tell you that budgeting is a job for a professional. But where do you go and how do you know when you’re hiring the right person.

Philip Hodgetts, President, Intelligent Assistance Inc.
Philip Hodgetts, President of Intelligent Assistance has another new piece of software that he is announcing tonight on the show. This new utility can help save time and stress for Final Cut Pro editors during the editing process. And...he has a competition to announce. Can't wait!